Wednesday, 16 November 2011

PART 1 - Blue eyed hotties read this!

What makes make-up so much fun and something you should never forget….there are no rules to it! Use the colours you  love, experiment with different tones and shades!

With all that said, there are certain colours that bring out your natural eye colour - fact! 

In part 1 we'll focus on blue eyes. Obviously there are hundreds of different blue tones - some that can even look green depending on what your wearing but generally the below eyeshadow colours will enhance all blue eyes. If you're a lucky blue eyed sparkler you'll notice already that you're probably using these colours now:

image: - Felicia Yong

  • Beige Pink
  • Fleshy Pink
  • Mauve
  • Gray
  • Bronzey Golds
  • Black
  • All Browns
  • Light Dusty Blue
  • Slate
  • Turquoise
Now, off you go and try - don't forget BLEND BLEND AND BLEND some more!