Sunday, 4 March 2012

Because they are amazing, easy-peasy to apply and last a very long time.......

It's kind of like I've found the holy grail of nail polish but without the drying time and chip free for 10 days. Impossible? No!

Sally Hansen have geniusly created their new 'Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strip' which comes in the most amazing, creative, wearable, prints  and colours. After eyeing them off in the nail polish aisle day after day contemplating if they would be too hard to apply, and if they would really last 10 days without peeling, I felt brave and took the plunge. To my surprise they were soooooo easy to apply and best of all they lasted through my obsessive compulsive cleaning and detergents!! Typically I'd paint my nails or have them professionally done only to leave the salon, walk to my car and ruin them while scrounging around in my bag for my keys! There is no drying time with the strips and you can resume your daily tasks without a worry.

They come in a range of nail bed sizes so I have no doubt they cater for every ones pinkies and are easily removed with normal nail polish remover.

To prove how simple they are to apply visit the Sally Hansen website where they have a detailed video guiding you step by step! Just click on the link below:


If that's not enticing enough they're now on sale at Priceline and come in the most amazing Easter prints right in time for the festive period. If prints are not your thing you'll adore their range of single colours!

How can you not love them!!!!
The trouble is they last so long its taking me forever to get through all the prints..........if that's a problem!?!?!