Friday, 30 December 2011

True or False - will spritzing your face with water keep it hydrated?

On a hot day like today (Melbourne, 34 degrees C), will spritzing your face with water keep it hydrated? FALSE

What you're actually doing is assisting in the DEHYDRATION of your skin! Apparently, 'as the water evaporates off your skin it takes moisture with it'. I know….who would have thought!

So you need to find a spritzing product that contains humectants to keep the moisture in the skin. And to get the full affect try spritzing just before you moisturise.

Humectants (or moisturizers) are important cosmetic ingredients allowing to prevent loss of moisture thereby retaining the skin's natural moisture. Some compounds also have the ability to actively attract moisture.

As this year ends, I hope you all have a fabulous New Year and thank you for all your support! Keep watching this space for some exciting news ahead…..

Monday, 26 December 2011


Well, I know this post has taken a while but I purposely held back. It was my sisters birthday yesterday (a fellow hazel eye) so I thought I'd dedicate this to her. Happy Birthday Anna!

We can thank hotties such as Miranda Kerr, Katy Perry and Tyra Banks for perfecting the green eye look and despite the fact they have quite different tones they certainly know how to make them POP!

Green/Hazel eyes are best matched with:

  • Gold
  • Various shades of green - grey, bronze, brown.
  • Peach
  • Pinks
  • Mauve
  • Brown Grey
Ok, yes you are lucky and these colours are just so wearable BUT avoid bright heavy greens at all costs! Instead opt for a a variation of green such a turquoise and when applying it don't pack it on jut give it a light wash.

Miranda Kerr
Katy Perry

Tyra Banks

Friday, 2 December 2011

Part 2 - Brown eyed girls!

Van Morrison knew a thing or two when he sung his famous song 'Brown Eyed Girl'!

Having brown eyes myself, I can relate to those who think they're boring but rest assured they're a great colour to have and we're lucky because we are able to wear a lot of colours which complement the different shades of browns. Kim Kardashian really knows how to make her brown eyes look so exotic and who can ever go past Beyonce or J Lo's peepers.

So for all you brown eyed girlies out there start playing with:

  • Mauve
  • Light Pink girlies
  • Peach
  • Navy Blue
  • Black
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Gray
  • Neutral Browns
  • Bronze 
  • Gold
  • Eggplant
  • Green
If you have olive skin it may be best to avoid brown tones such as Taupe, Khaki and yellow browns as it may emphasise the yellow undertone in your skin……who wants to look they're suffering from jaundice! 
Kim Kardashian's famous immaculately made up eyes!
J Lo's sultry peepers.

Beyonce's cleverly done eye makeup…...