Monday, 5 September 2011


I have found the absolute best, makeup artist must have ever - it's from IKEA and now only $14.99. I say now because when I purchased it (maybe a few months ago) it was only $7.99.

I have literally spent $100's on brush containers, brush protectors, brush belts and this is, by far, an amazing brush bag that I will definitely continue to use. 

It has 9 compartments, 7 for brushes and 2, as you can see, for whatever you want. I've used it for tissues, cotton buds and pads. The pouch is quite compact and can easily be cleaned which of course is always a bonus.

Obviously this was not IKEA's intention when popping it on their lovely shelves but I'm pleased to say this may be the purchase of the year!

Here is the link to it on the Ikea site 

 Now that I've let this little secret out I think I better stock up.