Wednesday, 13 July 2011

One base - 3 lips!

Lip colour can make a world of difference to any ones makeup. Whether you select a lipstick, gloss, tint, pigment or even glitter it can totally change the outcome of the overall look.

Don't believe me? Below are some examples of how three different colours and even shapes (for fun!!) can look completely different. Remember I haven't changed anything else but the lip product. 

Before you go slapping your lipstick on PLEASE remember flaky dry lips are sooooo not attractive. For a quick do it yourself gentle lip exfoliate mix a little baking soda with some water and gently rub it over your lips.  Then smother on lip balm and let it do its job!!

MAC Cremesheen Gloss in Boy Bait

NARS Bloodwork lipgloss & MAC red glitter

Chanel Noir  Obscurs - Hysteria
MAC studio fix to block lips out.

Have fun with lipstick - there is a shade out there for everyone….if not 10!