Friday, 1 July 2011

(Brilliant) Makeup on a budget!

Now, lets get one thing straight…….. makeup. does. not. need. to. be. expensive! 

For the everyday person there are definitely things I wouldn't recommend you skimp on: foundation, concealers and most cases eyeshadows, bronzers and powders! Everything else you can look for cheaper alternatives and can often can find amazing products. Today I did.

I am the first to admit I am a sucker for buying expensive products knowing they are of great quality and being a makeup artist I cant go without. Today I took a stroll into Priceline (people in the UK thats the equivalent to Boots or Superdrug) and want to share my great finds that anyone can afford with many products having multiple uses. 

From Bourjois Paris I purchased sensational liquid eyeliners in purple and blue, 2 blushers and 2 creamy highly pigmented coloured pencils. I am not too surprised how good of quality they are as they come out of the CHANEL factory!! And if that isn't enticing enough….they don't test on animals.

Savvy a very non expensive brand with some great baked mineral eyeshadows.

Rimmel and Maybeline have some awesome mascaras and lipgloss.

So now you have an excuse to do some major shopping……..

This is the amazing long lasting blue liner.