Monday, 16 April 2012

Makeup History - 1920's

I'm so loving right now, rediscovering the history of makeup and realising how far we have come both socially and technologically.

My following posts will take you through the various decades and styles of makeup that have all played a major role in society.

Hope you enjoy!

1920's makeup -

Prior to the 20's, makeup was somewhat taboo and frowned upon. Not only were the ingredients quite dangerous (lead, sulphur & mercury) it was not proper for nice girls to wear makeup. Pale skin was the norm as  the attitude was a lady had no reason to be in the sun. 'Some historians even suspect that the look became popular because of the prevalence of tuberculosis, which made its sufferers look very pale'.

The look from the decade was very distinct. Dark, mysterious, vamp, heavy kohl - rimmed eyes and cupid bow mouth. The eyeshadow was generally of a round shape and the apples of the cheeks were pink.

The lips were often a dark plum-burgundy colour in a very cute cupid bow shape. Eyebrows were thin and rounded.

Dior does the ultimate 1920's remake. Love it!