Friday, 15 June 2012

Mascara - the good, the bad and the ok!

I'm a complete and utter mascara junky. At any given time I will have over 10 different brands in my kit (or so I use my makeup kit as an excuse!).
I love what mascara does to peoples eyes, the way it just opens them and often finishes off the ultimate makeup look. Cosmetic companies literally spend millions on designing their mascaras and consumers spend millions on purchasing them. I know all of you out there have your favourite and maybe your worse, below are a few of mine at the moment and I say moment as it does change frequently........

Benefit - They're Real $38
I've recently discovered this little gem and I'm falling a little in love with it. I find the formula rich, coats your lashes well and doesn't smudge or flake. The best thing about this mascara is the wand. As you can see in the image the top of the brush has bristles so it makes it ideal to really coat the tiniest of eyelashes!!

Bourjois - Volume Glamour Max Definition Mascara $28
I'm a massive fan of Bourjois cosmetics and they have some outstanding cosmetics but this mascara isn't one of them. I have truly tested this out and even used it in previous posts. It is not the application that lets it down, it goes on beautifully, adds volume and definition BUT after about 30 minutes panda eyes start to appear, even after I set my eye concealer! Then washing it off is a whole other flakes, doesn't dissolve and basically is a pain to fully remove.

Christian Dior Extase Flash Plumping Mascara $48
This is another brand who continually reinvents their already close to perfect mascara (Original Dior Show!!). This is exactly what the heading states OK. The brush is of "couture design" apparently, that is meant to add volume. Its a nice mascara, not my favourite but a good day time one that has a nice deep formula.