Sunday, 19 June 2011

Panda eyes are cute only on Panda's!

We've all had them/have them, whether you've drank too much, haven't slept enough or its hereditary (thanks mum or dad!!!) black bags under the eyes aren't liked by anyone!

I know choosing the right concealer is like searching for the perfect chocolate cake recipe (well for me it is anyway!!) but with a bit of research and understanding you can do it…… sorry I cant help with cake.

First and foremost, don't choose a very light colour thinking it will assist covering the dark - it wont and will only make you look like you've been wearing your sunglasses for way too long! I highly recommend two colours, one lighter and one darker that way you can adjust the colour according to your skin colour throughout the seasons.

Secondly use a light reflecting concealer - Dah!

Thirdly I recommend applying your concealer with a soft brush - MAC 224 is my choice but rest assured your ring finger can be a gentle option too. Just pat it on and blend away!!
If you have more mature skin with a few beautiful lines don't powder under your eyes to set it as this wont sit nicely. Just leave it. People with younger skin can softly set the concealer with a bit of translucent powder. This will give it staying power.

This is a how and how not thanks to Eva Longoria. Her tragic white rings is actually from the powder she used but the wrong colour concealer can have the same effect.

Now, lets all look fresh tomorrow xx